CYCLE-BIOME proposal, created by chef Leonor Espinosa and sommelier Laura Hernández-Espinosa, is based on periodic studies of different biomes and ecosystems in Colombia through research of culinary promising species for cooking and food pairing. With the support of biologists, producers and growers, this menu is based on local products and ancestral knowledge.

Considering human habits in various ecosystems and Colombian cultural diversity, mother-daughter duo aims to develop strategies oriented to support the welfare of local communities.


Thanks to the constant search for promising biological species; to the passion for local foods; and to a deep admiration and respect for the traditional legacy, LEO manages to offer Colombian cuisine enhanced with values, feelings, art, and emotions – achieved from experience with communities. LEO’s kitchen is the result of an investigation expressed through biodiversity, mountain life, wilderness, desert, valleys, plains, seas, islands, mangrove forest and rivers.


Our coffee comes from the Afro-descendant community of Guamal, located in Colombian coffee crop region. A 100% wild coffee, free of chemicals and pesticides, grown in an ecosystem where nature is in complete harmony and man is only present to collect the fruits of the trees.

Of the highest quality, with wild and balanced on the palate aromas, reiterates the commitment of CAFE DEVOTION and FUNLEO with small producers, the Colombian rural sector and the strengthening of our cultural identities.


Food pairing is an essential part of LEO’s creative proposal, and seeks to highlight both the ancestral drinks of the traditional repertoire of ethnic communities, as well as the ingredients of the biodiversity of the different ecosystems of the country. Fermented from local fruits, spirits, and non-alcoholic beverages flavored with herbs and roots, are part of an alternative invitation that not only aims to entertain but to heal the body and soul.


FUNLEO aims to identify, reclaim, and enhance the gastronomic traditions of Colombian communities – from its biological, cultural and intangible heritage, tending to welfare, health and nutrition.

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